Export Services

We Make Exporting Easy

At Wholesalez, we make exporting your products simple. Exporters may send their containers directly to our facility where we will prepare it for shipment and send it to the destination of their choice.

We can assist in the exporting of apparel, shoes, appliances and more to nearly any country in the world. Additionally, our sourcing agents help to provide up to date photos and live streaming calls so you may see the actual product that you are purchasing.

Sourcing Agents

At Wholesalez, we provide you with inventory that you can trust. That is why our sourcing agents work alongside you and can tailor any container to fit your specific needs. We work with suppliers and manufactures within our network to ensure that you are receiving quality products every time. From finding the perfect inventory, to having it delivered to your destination of choice, your agent will be guiding you throughout the entirety of the process.

Paperwork & Documentation

Export documentation is required for goods leaving one country for another to ensure a variety of things. Organized export documentation ensures that your consignments are dispatched on time and without any hassles. Our logistics team at Wholesalez helps to ensure that this paperwork is submitted accurately and timely.

Questions about our exporting services? Fill out the contact from below & one of our sourcing agents will assist you within 24-48 hours