• Bin Stores

    Whether you are looking for either manifested or unmanifested high piece count product for your bins store, Wholesalez has you covered. Our in-house program is the perfect blend of overstock and return merchandise that contains no food, no masks, no gift cards and no apparel. These are retail ready loads that provide consistent returns.

  • Discount Stores

    Our Discount Store Program is built to fit any and all size business. These lots contain a variety of general merchandise items such as toys, electronics, home décor, bedding, kitchen appliances, office supplies, and more. These truckloads come manifested or unmanifested.

  • eCommerce

    The Ecommerce Program at Wholesalez is a great fit for ecommerce sellers who sell on eBay, Mercari and Facebook Marketplace. These lots will contain a variety of products, such as computers, tablets, phones, gaming system, and more. These lots are fully manifested.


    Wholesalez sources first quality, limited SKU count, high volume and high ranking products for our FBA and FBM Sellers.

  • Export

    The Export Program contains clothing and shoes with a variety of sizes for men, women, and children with a mixture of brand name and private labels. These units are new and contains products for spring, summer, winter, and fall. For those living in warm weather regions, we will sort out all northern clothing.

  • Custom

    Every business is unique and so are their needs. At Wholesalez we pride ourselves on being able to customize solutions for your business, no matter the size or scale. Our 30 acre facility allows us the ability to house all of these programs in one place and combine them to save on freight costs.